Counterparty Charts

Supply Data

Counterparty XCP Supply Chart
XCP Supply

The total circulating supply of XCP goes down overtime due to its use as a gas.

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Counterparty Gas Fees Chart
Gas Fees

Contract execution gas burned while registering assets and paying dividends.


Burn Data

Bitcoin Burned Chart
BTC Burned

Around 2,125 BTC were burned in order to "mine" the native currency called XCP.

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Counterparty Burn Rate Chart
Avg. Burn Rate

Up to 1 BTC could be burned in exchange for 1000 to 1500 XCP during the burn in 2014.

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Transaction Data

Total Transactions Chart
Transactions Per Day

Chart showing number of confirmed bitcoin transactions using Counterparty.

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Transaction Types Chart
Transaction Types

Breakdown of the types of transactions written to the Bitcoin blockchain.

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Message Data

Total Messages Chart
Messages Per Day

Chart showing total messages or "operations" processed by federated nodes.

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Message Use Chart
Message Categories

Breakdown of protocol messages processed by federated nodes.

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Fee Data

Average Counterparty Fee Chart
Average Fee

Chart of the average transaction fee paid by a Counterparty user.

Total Counterparty Fees Chart
Total Fees

Chart of total transaction fees paid by all Counterparty users across the network.


Fee Rate Data

Average Counterparty Fee Rate Chart
Avg. Fee Rate

Chart of the average fee rate paid by a Counterparty user (satoshis per byte.)

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Counterparty Fee Rates Chart
Fee Rates Paid

A closer look at the fee rates paid by Counterparty users over the last 24 hours.

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Size Data

Average Transacation Size Chart
Average Tx Size

Chart of the average size, in bytes, of a Counterparty transaction.

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Total Transaction Data Chart
Total Tx Data

Chart of the total amount of block space used by Counterparty transactions.

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Block Data

Counterparty Block Share Chart
Block Share

What percent of Bitcoin transactions are Counterparty transactions per month.

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Counterparty Block Presence Chart
Block Presence

What percent of Bitcoin blocks have contained Counterparty transactions since launch.

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Asset Data

New Assets Chart
New Assets

New Counterparty asset registrations shown per day, per month, and per year.

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Active Assets Chart
Active Assets

Active assets, based on whether any holders had a change in their balance.

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Average Registration Fee Chart
Registration Fee

Average registration fee paid by asset issuers to create an asset of any type.

Counterparty Asset Types Chart
Asset Types

Breakdown of the types of assets that users register: asset, subasset, or numeric.

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Address Data

New Addresses Chart
New Addresses

New addresses, based on their first time seen using Counterparty.

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Active Addresses Chart
Active Addresses

Active addresses, based on whether they had any balance changes during period.

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Counterparty Hodl Addresses Chart
Hodl Addresses

Hodl addresses are addresses which have received tokens but never-ever spent them.

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Counterparty Address Types Chart
Address Types

Breakdown of the types of addresses that users use: P2PKH, P2SH, Multisig.

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Send Data

Asset Sends Chart
Sends Per Day

Total number of asset sends made, shown per day, per month, and per year.

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Most Sends Chart
Most Sends

A look at the Top 20 most sent Counterparty assets of all time. Guess what? It's not XCP!

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Order Data

Total Orders Chart
Orders Per Day

Total number of dex orders placed, shown per day, per month, and per year.

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Total Orders Chart
Avg. Order Expiration

The average order duration selected by traders when placing dex orders.

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